My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend

My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend is GMA Film’s Valentine movie presentation. Starring, on their first ever on-screen team are GMA 7’s hottest stars, Richard Gutierrez and Marian Rivera. Other casts include, Ehra Madrigal and JC de Vera.

Directed by Mark Reyes, My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend on theaters February 13.

Watch movie trailer below the cut.

First time I saw this video, I really found no chemistry between Richard Gutierrez and Marian Rivera. I dunno. Maybe I just got used to seeing Marian Rivera in Dingdong Dantes arms. *heh* And come to think of that, why did GMA Films chose Richard Gutierrez over Dingdong Dantes? I bet a lot of people would still prefer the Dingdong-Marian loveteam.

Anywho, Marian Rivera is surely getting a lot of blessings she should be thankful. Ever since she got the Marimar role, her career skyrocketed to fame. And as for GMA, well let’s just say they’ve moved on after their biggest star left them over their rival network. Because with Marian Garcia under their wing, they definitely found a new “gold mine” to exploit, err I mean to oversee and guard carefully. Lol.

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