Korean Drama: Cinderella’s Sister

Korean Drama, Cinderella, Sister, Moon Geun Young

Cinderella’s Sister tells the story of Eun Jo whose mother had several affairs with different men and it was those unfortunate ties that forced them to live a life like runaway thieves every time her mother’s past caught up with them. Until one day, her mother met a young “princess” whose father was a rich widower. The daughter, Hyo Sun, grew up without a mom and so she desperately seeks a mother’s love. And Eun-jo’s mom, being as devious as she needs to be, she used Hyo Sun’s lack of motherly love to entice her rich father into marrying her. Eun-jo’s mom succeeded. Eventually, Eun Jo’s mom became the new mistress of the rich man’s household and as for Eun Jo, a new chapter of her life story has began as she accepts the role of the father’s new daughter and “Cinderella’s” new sister.


Korean Drama, Melodrama, Cinderella's Sister, Moon Guen Young

At first I liked Eun Jo’s toughness and I get her. I understand her reason for building a wall around herself and never allowed anyone to get through her —because amidst all the toughness was actually a vulnerable Eun Jo who fears being abandoned. And for me, that was enough to justify her behavior. But there’s only so much I can tolerate and as much as I want to root for her all the way, I just can’t. The very thing that I liked most about her made me tired in the end. I guess, her toughness was too much to bear after all and it was soooo frustrating that it took her a long time to realize that there are actually people who really cares about her. Sigh.

Korean Drama, Melodrama, Cinderella, Sister, Lee Mi Sook, Seo Woo, Chung Jung Myun, Ok Taec Yeon

As for the other characters, Kang Sook translated the b**ch mom persona just fine. She’s tough but not overly evil. Dae Sung, the husband and the dad, I loved his character. I knew the writer will let his character die and I was afraid that it’ll be the mom or Eun Jo who will cause her death. Good thing, that’s not what happened but still I was saddened when he died. Hyo Sun served as the lovable and warmhearted “Cinderella” of the story. And as much as I want to like her character, I just couldn’t will myself to do so. She annoyed me a damn lot. And I hated her for crying all the time then expect the people around to make her feel better. Ugh! So pathetic. I wonder if people like her exist IRL? I’ve to commend Seo Woo’s crying chops though, pretty sure it wasn’t easy to cry buckets onscreen. Ki Hoon was another troubled soul who sought solace in Dae Sung’s home. He’s an illegitimate son of a rich influential businessman whose legal family was pushing him to live in the shadows. Both Eun Jo and Hyo Sun love him but it’s Eun Jo he loves. I don’t have much to say about Ki Hoon, his character bored me. Not much to look forward to except his smile. Lol. Lastly, Jung Woo, the cute chubby little kid who grew up a handsome man. Yeah, puberty done right! 😉 As a kid, Jung Woo vowed to love Eun Jo and he never seemed to forget that. Because as soon as he was discharged from the army (marines?) he immediately sought Eun Jo. Sadly he was doomed for a one-sided love with Eun Jo. I love the innocent and selfless love Jung Woo have for Eun Jo. I was really hoping Eun Jo would choose him. But as they say, the heart wants what the heart wants and in dramaland the second guy always get his heart kicked to the curb. :p

Korean Drama, Melodrama, Moon Guen Young, Cinderella, Sister, Seo Woo, Kim Gab Soo

Overall, it wasn’t a bad drama but I’m not crazy about it either. It had a promising start but it failed to deliver in the end. I loved Moon Geun Young stellar acting. There were some scenes I teared up too because she can project her emotions onscreen so well I can feel the heaviness of her tears offscreen. Lol. The cast was okay, acting-wise. The chemistry between Moon Geun Young and Chun Jun Myung wasn’t that great. Their onscreen kiss was weak. Heehee. Loved the setting a lot. Made me want to live in one of those traditional Korean homes. Also, it was nice that I got to see some Korean traditions and customs in the drama. I like learning new things so it was nice the drama gave me that. But in the end, I’m just glad to get this series off my plate because I don’t know if I can still take Hyo Sun’s bucket of tears anymore. Her tears really overwhelmed me… in a very annoying way. Lol.


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