No Other Woman Trailer

Taglish post ahead. =P

OMG! This! I want to see this movie now! Hahaha. Excited much eh? Oh well seriously, I really wanna see this movie. 🙂 Teaser pa lang winner na! And the dialogues… wow… just WOW! Tagos hanggang buto. Lulz. Okay. I might be exaggerating a bit. But you know those movies? Those movies that leave memorable lines, kinda like that of Cherrie Gil’s famous copycat line, well this movie, No Other Woman, kinda have that same pamatay na lines. Sobrang panalo na I’m pretty sure it’ll be the “bukang bibig” of pinoys for quite sometime. And let me also add that the movie have this certain appeal that’ll surely leave an indelible mark in the minds of the moviegoers. You see it has the formula of a sure hit – exciting teaser, great lines, interesting story, two beautiful sexy ladies and one sexy hunk of a man. San ka pa!  Kaya watch na! Well, just the teaser for now. Lulz.


Below are some of my favorite lines from the movie No Other Woman. 🙂

No Other Woman lines, No Other Woman dialogues

Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo, maraming Snatcher.
Maaagawan ka, kaya lumaban ka…

no other woman lines, no other woman dialogues

…tsaka ano ba ang mas madaling kalaban? Yung putang mahirap o putang mayaman?
Pare-parehong puta lang yon!

  At ang pinaka-winner sa lahat ng linya at ang pinaka-paborito ko 😉

“I-pack up mo na ‘yang Lucy Torres mo! Ilabas mo na  diyan si Gretchen Baretto! Anak ako na ang bahala sa red stiletto mo!”

No Other Woman lines, No Other Woman Dialogues, Carmi Martin, Lucy Torres, Gretchen Baretto, Red Stiletto

Ikaw na! Ikaw na Miss Carmi Martin ang totoong winner sa mga bongang-bongang lines mo! =P


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