Wishlist: June 2012

I’ve been obsessing with colors  yellow, red and teal lately. And I’ve scouted the internet of stuff that carry such colors. Below were some of the things that I really love. Things I picked don’t really match to make a complete ensamble though. These stuff don’t really complement each other. They just simply belong to the color spectrum I’m currently obsessing. Heehee.

Now if only I have the moolah to buy all of these. It sucks that I don’t have luxury to do so. I really need to prioritize my spendings. Huhu. Sigh. How I wish I have unlimited funds though so I could buy these lovely pretty things.

Wishlist June 2012, Modcloth, Keds, iphone case, cocoroni

Sail Haute Ring from ModCloth, $11.99
Chicka Bloom Skirt from ModCloth, $64.99
Crinkle in Time Scarf in Teal from ModCloth, $15.99
Never Sing the Blue Bag from ModCloth, $67.99
Swift Thrifter Earrings from ModCloth, $11.99
Cocojellato Air Jacket Case for Iphones from Cocoroni, $15.56
Textured Cross Beaded Necklace from forever21, $6.80
Too Cute Crochet from keds, $50.00


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