Wasting money and PBB

Few days ago I was talking about how good I am in wasting my money. So I’ve been contemplating lately thinking of the unnecessary purchases I’ve made for the past few months, then I remember I have this season subscription to Pinoy Big Brother (Yeah I know, there’s my 15 bucks gone and wasted. Lol.) and it’s been like a month now since the last time I watched it. And a lot of things had happened.

There was Mcoy and Ethel‘s unexpected voluntary exit. Mcoy, I understand why he left, because he has this dignity to protect. As for Ethel, she got a lot of issues. So I guess she was never ready to detach herself from the outside world since.

Then next was Gabby’s comeback inside the big yellow house. Well, this whole twist is definitely fine with me since I’ve been really rooting for her to be in the big four. But was it fair? Especially to those housemates who have been inside the house since day 1. Then there was Angel Locsin entry in the Big Brother house. Looks like rumors then that Angel Locsin will enter the PBB house was true after all. Not a regular housemate though but as a celebrity house guest.

And what’s up with Akon and some housemates meet-and-greet? I mean, I’m definitely sure that the PBB producers spent serious amount of moolahs just to make the international rnb singer appear in their show. Nothing is free you know and appearances like that is a serious business especially to a Hollywood sensation like Akon. Is PBB losing viewership that they need to resort to such kind of gimmick? Or maybe they just really have a lot of money to burn.

Anyhow, speaking of people who enter and leave the house, finally Mariel Rodriguez left the house. Well I think it’s about time and I’d rather see her hosts while doing some crazy stunts than watching her inside the house, because you just can’t help but notice that not-so-good-side of her. Also, as Mariel bid the housemates goodbye, Victor Basa tagged along with her as he was evicted that night. Sad. I like him to stay more than Baron. Baron is just annoying. >,<

And for this season’s biggest surprise was the sudden entry Gladys Guevarra. She was like the third celebrity housemate that came from the rival network. And what’s more intriguing to this twist is that Gladys didn’t even went through the PBB audition and that the comedienne actress didn’t even told her manager about her plan of entering the Philippines’ most popular house. I guess, this is what the PBB management would want right now, some controversies that would assure them of high ratings.

Oh well, whatever the PBB management is up to it doesn’t matter to me now. Because I just totally lost my interest for the show. I guess my PBB addiction is now over.

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