Procrastination at its best

If there’s one thing that I’m really good at, that is wasting money. Lol. Really. I have like bought several domain names which I intend to use on some web projects that I’ve got in mind and nothing seemed to materialize as of this time. It’s almost the end of the year and even up to know I haven’t done anything to achieve whatever goals I’ve set on the earlier months. Geeez. Talk about procrastinating and laziness I’m the master of both too and so that makes it 3 things that I’m good at now instead of one.

And I know, that’s not anything funny that I should be proud of. I’m obviously losing track of some things in my life and I badly need to realign myself back to what I’ve really wanted on the first place before everything else get worst. I don’t want to hate myself in the end. So I guess I really need some time to assess myself and reckon of the things I need to work on before it’s too late.

Should be thinking of New Year’s Resolution now, I guess?ย  ^^;

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