On Pregger News: Jennylyn Mercado 2 months on the way

What do you now local showbizlandia is apt to have a controversial start. Well, 20 year-old Starstruck first female survivor Jennylyn Mercado is now 6 weeks pregnant with Patrick Garcia’s baby. The couple didn’t deny the rumor, in fact, when asked by a staff of a local showbiz talk show, Patrick confirmed that girlfriend, Jennelyn is indeed pregnant. And as of this time, the couple already has plans of having a civil wedding.

Patrick and Jennylyn were both casted in one of GMA 7’s fantaserye (Super Twins) but even before that there were already news about the budding romantic relationship between the two. During the first quarter of 2007, the couple admitted their relationship on national television – it was on S-Files and Patrick , who is live via phone patch, asked Jennylyn (who was in the show) if she love him and the young actress replied yes.


First there was Camille Pratts and now Jennylyn Mercado. I wonder who will be next? But in fairness to both of them, they didn’t deny the issue. Oh well. 🙂 Let’s just be happy for them.

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