TMI: City of Bones Full Trailer

So here’s a full trailer to a yet another fandom that is not Twilight. Lol. Not that I’m saying TMI is better than Twilight. I mean they pretty much belong to the same paranormal romance genre whatever with all the supernatural abilities, vampires and wolves thing, only TMI has a much broader universe because it also involves gods, angels, fairies, demons, warlocks, witches, shapeshifters and shadowhunters.

That’s a lot to take in huh? That’s exactly how I felt when I started reading the series. I was overwhelmed with the number of characters and species (?) in the TMI universe. Eventually though, you’ll get a hang of it and you’ll just find yourself losing sleep because you can’t just stop reading. That’s what happened to me. Heehee.

Anywho, I really rather not compare TMI with Twilight because they’re completely different albeit having sorta similar plot and albeit belonging to the same genre (and to also not to offend any fandoms harhar).

Based on Cassandra Clare’s novel with the same title, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones starring Lilly Collins, Jaime Campbell Bower and Robert Sheehan will be out on theaters this coming August 23. Watch the full trailer below.


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