Movie Night: Skyfall

Watched Skyfall last night and boy it was great! It didn’t disappoint. Definitely the best since the last few recent James Bond films I’ve seen. Now this is just one person’s opinion (my opinion :p). You may or may not agree with me.  So yeah to each his own. But needless to say, I enjoyed every minute of it and I love, love and love Daniel Craig as James Bond! 🙂


****You been warned. Read at your own risk. :p****

Here are the things I love about Skyfall

  • The opening credits. So surreal yet awesome. Plus Adele’s voice in the background, it’s just perfection.
  • I like how the movie started intense with all the action happening here and there. The motorbike chase in the rooftop was impressive (which briefly reminded me of Taken 2 – similar rooftop chase sequence in Istanbul) . And the train stunts were nerve-wracking. I was unconsciously doing some dodging movements on the tunnel scenes out of  fear of  i dunno… being hit I guess. Lol. Silly me. But that’s how engrossed  I was. And I love it how Bond kept his cool when he entered the train like nothing happened. Like he just didn’t tear open the train with a tractor (or a backhoe?) then walked away in style like he wasn’t shot in the arm (Sleek and nifty. Not a single f*** was given. Harhar).
  • Q – his youngness, his geekiness and his penchant for espionage. How adorkable! Lol.
  • The little detail like how Bond like his vodka martini — shaken not stirred. Appreciated that scene sans the famous catchphrase.
  • The Komodo dragon 😀
  • Silva hitting on Bond 😉
  • Bond’s less womanizing in Skyfall. But yeah, a womanizer still. Love them. Leave them (Sometimes dead. lol. ‘Coz the baddies killed them).Yep, that’s definitely his style.
  • The glimpse on Bond’s traumatic childhood. The Bond’s mansion reminded me of the house where The Woman in Black lives. 😀
  • M and Bond’s sarcasm and dry humor. But you know that they genuinely cared for one another.
  • Bond’s inheritance. Good one Ma’am. 🙂
  • Bad News, Lord Voldermort has been resurrected. Good news, he’s one of the good guys now. Heehee.
  • Bond is after all a softie. ;))
  • Moneypenny! Moneypenny! Miss Moneypenny that is. Hahaha. Okay I just love to say her name. 🙂 I wonder what was Ian Flemming thinking (Penny for your thoughts? Heehee) when he gave her that name. For James Bond, I know he wanted the most boring sounding name but for Miss Moneypenny?
  • James Bond -> Daniel Craig -> <3 <3 <3



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