Smallville Quote #1: Clark and Lois’ Wedding Vows

I know it’s almost like two years since the final episode of Smallville aired on television and I still miss it once in a while. Smallville was actually the first US Television series that I got  hooked in to so yeah it’s like one of those first loves you just couldn’t forget. And how cheesy this may sound, Smallville will always have a special place in my heart. Heehee.

Here’s Clark and Lois’ wedding vows (though technically they didn’t get married until much more later because Clark needs to save the day on their wedding day, so yeah :p). I just love this part of the finale and I can still hear Sara Bareilles’ Gravity in the background. 🙂

Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Smallville, Wedding, Wedding Vows

Clark: ”I, Clark Kent, take you, Lois Lane, to be my companion, forever. With you by my side I will never be alone. Though the world sees a strong and independent woman, I’ve never known someone with such gentle grace and more pure heart. When I’ve been lost you’ve always been there to bring me back, so on this day, at this moment, I pledge the rest of my life to you. You’ve always believed in me, and I believe in you. When you believe in someone it’s not for a minute, or just for now, it’s forever.”

Lois:  ”I wanted these vows to be perfect, but perfection is a hard thing to get your hands on. But life is meant to be a little messy, and when it comes to love I think it’s like my dad always said about the army: You only sign up if it’s the only thing you could ever imagine doing. Clark, I can not imagine spending a moment of my life without you. I promise that I will always have your back, as you will always have mine. You’re my best friend, you’re my home, and you are my true love, and I am yours and will be forever.”

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