Breaking Dawn Part 2 Teaser #2

So finally, a new teaser for Breaking Dawn Part 2 has come out and Vampire Bella is definitely badass. Though that “I was born  to be a vampire” line cracks me up. Haha. I don’t know. Too much cheese I guess. Finally, Bella knew the reason for existing and that is to be dead, well undead actually. And it’s really funny how Bella seem to hate her humanity so much that she’d rather be undead to fit in the world of the living. Lolwhut??? Hope I’m making sense.

Anyway, it’s only now that I see it that way because a few years back I’m so blinded  by the Twilight fandom that I thought the book were amazing and Edward Cullen was my knight in shiny Volvo. Hahaha. But people changed. I’ve changed. No, I don’t hate the saga now. I’m just not into it anymore as much as I did before.

To be honest though, this new Breaking Dawn teaser excites me a little and I hope that we’ll be seeing  some real vampire action where there’ll be an actual fight and not just some boring negotiation with the Volturi. So yeah, watch the new teaser for Breaking Dawn Part 2 below, the epic finale for the Twilight Saga.

“A lot of red eyes around here.” – Jacob

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