Movie Watch List 2012: Skyfall

I grew up watching James Bond movies because my Dad is a fan. I remember my Dad had a collection of James Bond films on beta tapes that we would watch every time he’s home. And of course we would watched those films with guidance. My parents would explain some scenes and some scenes they won’t let us see because they were inappropriate for our age. Hehe. Nevertheless, I remember that Goldfinger and Diamonds are Forever were my favorites (though I vaguely remember what those movies are about now! Hahaha) and Sean Connery is probably the first British/Hollywood Star I’ve ever known. :p

Anyway, if there’s only a word to describe James Bond, that would definitely BADASS!  I mean how can’t he be badass? He’s like a super hero without super powers, just a license to kill you know. Heehee. And goodness, Daniel Craig as the 21st Century’s James Bond is just perfect! He’s both lethal and sexy! Hahaha. Oh yes!  I loooove Daniel Craig!  Sadly he’s married to Rachel Weisz now. Sigh. Anywho, I’m really looking forward to see the new James Bond film this coming November. I hope it won’t disappoint and the action scenes will be awesome! 🙂

Btw, here’s the trailer for the latest James Bond film entitled Skyfall starring Daniel Craig.


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