Moves Like Jagger

Did you see? Did you see?  Did you see how hot and sexy… ADAM LEVINE was! OMG!!! And the song… Moves like Jagger was so awesome I had a euphoric eargasm!

Now, what angels are you talking about? No I didn’t see any sexy ladies in skimpy bikinis (or whatever you call it) prancing around the runway. And I didn’t see Miranda Kerr modeled her post-baby body in a $2.5M underwear while her gorgeous husband named Orlando Bloom looked so happy, so in love and so proud.  All I saw was Adam Levine…  And not Adam Levine’s 25-year-old girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna whose legs goes on forever… I saw only Adam Levine… so hot… and so sexy… >:)

Lol. Okay. Pardon this useless post. I’m just prolly losing my mind because of the weather and the crazy wind outside.



And here’s some Adam Levine and Anne Vyalitsyna bed action. 🙂


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