Movie Night: Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

First off,  if you haven’t seen Breaking Dawn Part 1 yet, I suggest you stop reading here because I’m pretty sure I’m going to say things that’ll surely spoil the movie for you. 🙂

Now this is not a movie review. This is just me sharing my thoughts on the said movie. You see I’m no critic and I’m far from being one. I don’t criticize because I tend to be biased. And so I rant instead. Besides, my criteria of a good movie is pretty simple. As long as the movie moved me in one way or another and it didn’t bore me to death then I like it. I’m really not difficult to please. I watch movies merely for the entertainment.

So was I entertained by Breaking  Dawn Part 1? Sure. I mean how can you not be entertained watching a socially-awkward-klutz seduce a  morally self-righteous sparkly vampire, who after a hundred years finally had a decent haircut. And oh let’s not forget the visually-pleasing-hot-headed-shirtless shapeshifter, who takes the form of wolf, imprinted on a half-breed kid whose name is just… I don’t know… I can’t even… gah! I know that’s a lot to take in but yeah the movie pretty much entertained me. =P

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Okay. Seriously speaking though, I’m expecting the movie to be terrible. Like really terrible and gross.  But fortunately, it’s not. And the movie was actually… good. Okay. There I said it! Now hate me! Lol. Haters gonna hate anyway! But yeah, I liked it because it was true to the book and the baby delivery wasn’t that gross as what I imagined it would be. I hate most of the honeymoon scenes though. It was so awkward I couldn’t bear watching it! Awkward Edward and Bella is awkward. But In all fairness  to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, I think they did a pretty awesome job in those scenes because they handled awkwardness well. Though I really can’t help feeling sorry for both of them because they have to endure those scenes (the baby making and the baby delivery scenes =P) Stephenie Meyer had condemned them to do. Haha. Well atleast they’re rich and they’re famous now. And if it’s any consolation, the worst part of the book is over. They’re almost at the end of the franchise.  So just one more film, Kristen, Rob and Stephenie Meyer can all call it quits forever.

Now unto the other things I like/dislike about the movie, I’m just doing them bullets because I’m lazy like that!

  • I love Charlie. I don’t care if you’re a Team Edward or Team Jacob, I’m Team Charlie all the way! Haha! Best Daddy award goes to him.
  • I like the wedding scene. Perfect garden wedding. I love the decoration so much. Edward and Bella’s vow exchanged was okay though I think it could’ve been better.
  • I like the reception scene where the relatives and friends gave their messages to the newlyweds — Charlie’s not so subtle threat (I really love the guy! Lol), Emmett’s sleepless message and Jessica’s hair comment (Anna Kendrick’s portrayal of Jessica is annoyingly like-able!)
  • I love how each member of the Cullen Coven had their “screen moments” that show their most strongest traits that has nothing to do with sucking blood— Carlisle’s devotion in saving lives, Esme’s compassionate nature, Emmett’s strength and sly innuendoes, Rose’s ultimate dream of becoming a mother, Alice’s love for everything fancy and pretty and Jasper’s unwavering discipline to overcome his bloodlust.
  • Jacob’s hotter than ever! Loljk. But yeah he is such an eye candy. ‘Nuff said. Haha.
  • I didn’t see Jacob and Rosalie banter much. I was kinda waiting for the dog/bloodsucker/blonde jokes. So I was a little disappointed. Maybe in the next movie they’ll show more of that.
  • The imprinting, I don’t really know what to say about that. Lol. But atleast Stephenie Meyer gave Jacob his own happily ever after.
  • Seth is lovable and Leah is not as annoying I thought she would be. She’s just a bitter ex-girlfriend, that’s all.
  • The wolf animation/effects or whatever you call it had gotten better. And I liked most of the Vampire-Wolf action sequence.
  • And my most favorite scene in the movie is the part when Bella is changing and healing at the same time. I love how she finally gets all pretty and dead. Lol. Seriously though, I like that part where memories of her short human life came to her in a flash back then in the background you can hear her heart beating slower and slower until it finally stopped. Total silence. I swear everybody in the cinema went still! Lol. It’s like nobody’s breathing. Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out and process how the hell Bella remembered that scene with her parents. I mean, how old was she then? 12 months? 11 months? 10 months? I think I’ve read somewhere that the oldest/earliest memory a person could have remembered/recollect mostly starts at the age of two. But then I’m not sure of its validity or whatever and since I’m not a brain expert, I therefore conclude that maybe it’s really possible to remember beyond that age (2 years old).  Just that it’s rare. And Bella is rare (see Bella’s weird life choices and decisions – Vampire boyfriend. Shapeshifter BFF. Half-breed daughter. No to being  a human. Yes to becoming a Vamp. Lol.).  Stephenie Meyer made sure of that. =P I mean if her brain isn’t special how come Edward can hear everyone else thoughts but not hers.
So yeah. I guess that’s it. I think I’ve ranted too much already that this post is starting to bore me and I’m pretty sure even you, my dear reader (Thanks for making this far though!). So I’m ending my post here. 🙂

P.S. Watch out for the bonus scene after the ending credits. 


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