Snow White and the Hunstman

The first official trailer of Snow White and the Hunstman starring Kirsten Stewart (Snow White), Charlize Theron (Evil Queen), Chris Hemsworth (Hunstman) and Sam Claflin (Prince William).

This is an interesting  take to a classic fairy tale I so dearly loved. Darker and bloodier! =) And by just watching the trailer, I can personally say, Charlize Theron is an awesome Evil Queen! She pretty much aced her role! Can’t say the same with Kristen Stewart though. Heehee. I don’t know. I feel like the producers could’ve chosen a better actress to play the role of Snow White. Not that I undermine Kristen Stewart’s capabilities as an actress, but really it kinda looks to me that her facial expression remains the same regardless what emotions she’s trying to convey with the audience . What I mean is, her happy face is similar to her annoyed face or her angry face or her horny face so yeah, you pretty much get what I mean right? Plus she stammers. A lot! And that’s insanely annoying! =P

Anyway, here’s the first official trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman


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