Breaking Dawn

I won’t deny that I’m a fan of the series. I’ve read all four books more than three times. I waited in line for hours, out in the cold at night, for all three films, so I could watch them on opening night. Then watched the films again in theaters once or twice. I’ve collected all 3 DVD’s. I’ve collected all OST’s. And I admit mentally drowning Bella when she stupidly jumped off the cliff just so I could mentally have the 100-year-old virgin sparkly vampire in shiny Volvo all by myself. And that made me kinda mental too. But what the heck. I’m blinded with the sparks. And yes I’m a Team Edward because Jacob’s a jerk. ‘Nuff said.

Okay. So now that the new movie is coming out, I don’t feel excited anymore as much as I did before. I dunno. I guess people change and Twilight doesn’t appeal to me anymore. Though I’m really looking forward to the unimaginable and ridiculous way Edward delivered Bella’s baby out her fragile human body. But I’m positive there’ll be major alterations on that scene. They’ll make it appear like a “normal” delivery. Because just like what I said in the book it’s ridiculous and it’s gross and I don’t think people would want to see that.

And I think, since the movie was divided into to two parts, Breaking Dawn part 1 would probably climaxed on Bella’s baby delivery and Bella dying. Then on Breaking Dawn part 2 opening scene, they’ll cue in a blinding light, seconds later they’ll reveal the new and improved Bella – all sparkly and dead. Lulz. And they say everything is magnified when you turned into a Vamp, now imagine how enraged Bella’s hormones are.

Anyway, below is the full theatrical preview of the Breaking Dawn Part 1. Enjoy! =)


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