Forever and a Day

To be honest, I was quite disappointed with the movie. I dunno, maybe because I expected too much? I mean I’ve been babbling about this movie to my sister and how much I’d love  to see it since the day I saw its trailer on TFC and when I finally am able to see it I just found myself bored.

Eugene somewhat reminds me of  Nelson Moss (Keanu Reeves) from the movie Sweet November (and coincidentally, Charlize Theron is also dying in the movie :p) — a proud, competitive, overbearing smart ass who thinks highly of himself. Then he meets his match, Raffy, probably the first person that have showed disinterest on him. And how quickly it is for a man who finds almost the entire female species not good enoughfor him, to fall in love to someone whom he just spent a few days of somewhat extreme adventures with (guys talking about zipline adventures here  ‘kay and oh if you’re wondering where they shoot those scenes, it’s in Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon =D), that’s totally out of character.

Hmmm… Well maybe not. Heehee. Sabi nga, pag tinamaan ka ni mr. kupido, tinamaan ka. Mabilis na kung mabilis na siya ma-in love. 

Love comes when you least expect it. It’s like suddenly… Boom!  and then sparks fly everywhere. Before you know it, you’re already in love. And it only takes  that one magical moment and you’re changed forever.

Kinda like what happened to Landon, he’s so mesmerized to the beauty in front of him and he suddenly had the urge to kiss the beauty that blinded him and on that one magical moment he knew he’s in love with Jamie and that had been enough to change him to be a better man — much like what Raffy did to Eugene. And if you can’t still figure out who Landon and Jamie are, I’m talking about the about the characters in the  movie A Walk to Remember who again the female lead is dying of  leukemia just as much Raffy is dying too, only with lymphoma but still it’s cancer all the same. Heehee.

Too many cliches in the story line that must’ve been the reason why I didn’t enjoy the film much. Different setting, different characters but the story is just the same. Oh well…

Forever and a Day Movie Trailer

I like Sam Milby though. He’s one of the few local actors whose movies I never mind watching. My favorite Sam Milby movie would be “My Big Love” which he did opposite Toni Gonzaga. And I like Toni too. Like a lot! Lulz. But KC Concepcion, not much. But I’ve to say that her acting had greatly improved. Though I can’t help but notice some similarities with the way her mom acts especially when she plays all giddy and excited and happy onscreen. It’s really like watching Sharon Cuneta when she smiles and laughs. Oh well, I dunno but keep noticing the resemblance. Well duh, of course there’s a resemblance because they share the same genes. Lol. But then, you get what I mean, right? It’s like even they’re acting techniques or whatever you call it is closely similar.

Anyway, overall the movie was okay. I just didn’t like it maybe because I’ve expected too much. Nevertheless, Forever and a Day is an “okay” film. Kanya-kanyang trip lang I guess. :p

Forever and a Day Movie Poster

Forever and a Day, Sam Milby, KC Concepcion


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