Finally an update!

And a major update that is ‘coz I have a new layout! So what do you think of my blog’s new look?  Like it? Well I do! Hahaha. Of course I’m being biased with my work.

Anyway, it took me three years to finally find the time to do a redesign. Not that I’ve been really busy with life just that I procrastinate a lot and add to that my laziness which is pretty much one of my horrible traits. Though I’m really trying to break free from those horrendous habits. I mean I only have one shot at life so might as well put it into good use, make something good out of it and stop putting off things that I can do today. So yeah. Off topic now.

Anyway, back to what I was saying, I’m kinda hoping that through this redesign I could find my blogging mojo again ‘coz seriously this blog needs to be updated. If you haven’t noticed yet  my last blog post was dated July last year! That’s obviously how outdated and neglected this blog is. I mean okay I thought of shutting this blog  down since it’s rarely being updated anyway and it’ll be less of my worries. But then I really can’t find the heart to do so ‘coz this blog kinda holds some sentimental value since this has been my first personal domain. Yeah okay, I’m cheesy. =P

TwelveThirteen Blog

So I’ve decided I’m reviving this blog just not with it’s original purpose though. I’ve intended this blog to be like and entertainment blog but since I can’t keep up with what’s the latest and whatnots in the entertainment world and I’m no Perez Hilton nor do I have a team of insiders like TMZ’s, I’m putting that whole entertainment niche behind me now and just focus on blogging things that personally interests me. So yeah, from now on this shall become my personal blog and I think I can keep up with that. 🙂

I guess this is where I welcome you, whoever is reading this, to my personal blog. And I hope I didn’t bore you. Till next time! :p

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