(My Take) The Two Types of Love Partners

By Anthony

Often times we find ourselves in a relationship wondering if our better half is someone worth living the rest of our lives with. And we ask ourselves the same question that popped into mind during our first date: “Are we compatible?” This question should be asked at the very beginning even before committing ourselves into a long-term relationship. So how do we define what’s compatible for us? Well let me give some input about the types of love partners you might meet along the way. Heuristically speaking, there are two types of love partners. These are: The exact opposite, and the clone. Let’s discuss each in turn.

The Exact Opposite
Exact opposites basically tend to compliment you a lot of ways. You can explore new things with them; things that you never thought would be fun when you first tried it. You can also share new experiences with each other, learn new things about the world around you, how the other person looks at life, and how to deal with things that you still don’t understand.

The downside of exact opposites is the chance of fighting over disagreements. Especially if one is adamant about something and the other is reluctant to agree. They may annoy you at times if you see them do things that you don’t favor. They can also become boring because of the lack of common interests.

The Clone
With your clone, you’ll have no problems with common interests whatsoever. For sure you’ll get along very well from the get-go. You’ll both find yourselves doing a lot of stuff that you both enjoy, going places you both want to go, eating food you both like to eat, etc. etc. etc.

You know where this is going. With clones, there might be nothing new about each other. You may eventually get tired of doing the same things together over and over and over again. It may become too much for you eventually and it would just be like dating yourself. Another problem is the concept of having a competition. If you both love sports for example, you might end up challenging the other person and that’s not entirely healthy.

Bottom line
Honestly, it’s your choice. What you want is what you should get. Don’t settle for something that just came in through the door. If you like somebody who’s relatively new, then go find that somebody. If you prefer someone with whom you’ll share common ground with, then go ahead. If you like someone who’s balanced in both departments, that’s also ok.

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