Book List: Can You Keep A Secret? By Sophie Kinsella

Can You Keep A Secret tells the story of Emma Corrigan who works as a Junior Marketing Assistant at Panther Cola in London. She was sent for a meeting in Glasgow just to finalize a supposedly “done deal”  with the Glen Oil company. But then Glen Oil had decided to go on a different direction and decided to break their ties with Panther Cola. This unexpected event had set Emma into panic mode. Worried about her impending “promotion”, Emma concoct some impromptu marketing strategy whatever to convince the CEO of Glen Oil to reconsider their deal with Panther Cola. But then then entire convincing thing didn’t quite work out. Emma accidentally drenched Glen Oil’s CEO with soda. And well you can say that pretty much closed the deal (someone can kiss their promotion goodbye! ;)).

Emma went back to the airport feeling completely afflicted due to her disastrous meeting. And as if her day couldn’t get any worst, her plane flight back home encountered some severe turbulence. Certain that she’ll die (but of course she didn’t die! heehee), Emma had confessed all her personal secrets to this guy seated right next to her and that included secrets about her boyfriend, her friends, her family, her thoughts/experiences on G-strings, her sex life, how she faked some details on her CV and she even revealed how she lost her virginity to a guy in her parent’s house while her parents were watching Ben-Hur. So yeah, she pretty much spilled her secrets to a complete stranger. Only the stranger is really not a stranger. And Emma’s about to find out that the stranger is actually Jack Harper, CEO of Panther Cola, her boss. 🙂

Can You Keep A Secret, Book Cover, Sophie Kinsella


I bought this book in 2009 and I only got to read it yesterday. Thanks to this book, it had kept me entertained and helped me endure the gruelling traffic on yesterday’s travel from Vegas to California. It took us 7 long hours to reach home! Boo. At least though, I have Emma, Jack, Lissy and Jemima to keep me occupied.

Emma Corrigan is really not difficult to like. She’s funny, she’s smart and she’s kind. She’s pretty much reminiscent of Rebecca Bloomwood in Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series (Though I haven’t read the book series yet, I’ve seen the movie several times and it’s really one of my favorite chick film ;)) I really like adore how she didn’t let her humiliation put her down and faced it instead with her head held high.

Jack Harper is okay. But I’m not completely immersed to his character. I dunno maybe because he’s too reserved and his character only loosened up in the end, as in literally in the last few pages of the book. I feel like Sophie Kinsella could’ve given him a bit more character or whatever.

As for Lissy and Jemima, Emma’s flatmates, I really like them. 🙂 Lissy’s funny albeit quirky. And Jemima annoys me sometimes but she totally cracks me up with all her “Mummy” references. 🙂

Anywho, I’m really glad I picked this book from my book shelf when I was packing my stuff. 🙂 Can You Keep A Secret is nothing spectacular but it is an easy, quick and fun read. No heavy plots or thought-provoking mystery. Just a nice and light story that’ll surely keep your entertained while let’s say you’re traveling back from somewhere to home and the traffic is just crazy! Heehee.

So yeah, I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who wants some light reading.

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