Movie Night: What’s Your Number

Well, what can I say? It is yet another romantic-comedy chick flick. It’s nothing like we haven’t seen before. I mean you know, a boy and a girl the woman in search of “the one”. Then there’s this incredibly handsome guy who would help her find for “the one”. And they would eventually, you know, find “the one”. (lol yeah I know that’s a lot of “the one” and I’m just starting!) And the woman would be like in 7th heaven for finding who she thought is the love of her life and they’ll hook up. Then a misunderstanding between the woman and the guy who helped her find “the one” (and “the one” yet again!) would arise. And almost all the time, the conflict, it is about the woman failing to see that the guy had already fallen in love with her because she’s too smitten with “the one”. And so they will drift apart because the woman had chosen “the one”. And in the absence of the guy, the woman would realize that he’s actually the one he wanted because he accepts her for who she is. And apparently the one she thought was “the one” is actually an a**hole, a smartass, a jerk or a whatever she doesn’t fancy, who tries to change her to someone she’s not. Then a eureka moment. A realization of her heart’s real desire. Then the woman would of course ditch “the one” to go after the guy. And going after the guy would mean hella lot of obstacles and series of misadventures but eventually she’ll caught up. And then there’s the speech, the most memorable lines (that will eventually find its way on your tumblr’s dashboard as a quote lol) in the movie that would speak of her real feelings for the guy. Then comes the I love you part. Then the I love you back. Then the kiss. Then whatever act of true love there is.  Ending with a happily ever after. Credits. Movie Soundtracks. Fade. Lol. Hope I made sense! Hahaha.

So yeah, What’s Your Number was pretty much the cliche I’ve written above. The movie wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the best either. Anna Faris was funny. Chris Evans was yummy and you get to see him naked! funny. And oh Joel McHale was funny too! Even if his scenes were short. (and only because you get to see his naked ass which is as smooth as a baby’s bottom! Ugh! what am I saying! Hahaha)

Nonetheless, It was an okay film. I had a few good laughs and yeah that’s pretty much what I’ve to say. :p

What's Your Number, Anna Faris, Chris Evans

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