Hart of Dixie and Nikita Renewed!

Woohoo! CW had renewed Hart of Dixie and Nikita! Happiness! Heehee.

So yeah, even though, both shows are wrapping up their current season next week, fans (like me!) are now assured that Bluebell’s charming doctor, Zoe Hart and kick-ass  rogue agent Nikita are going to be back  in action this coming Fall.

What a relief! Really. For weeks, I’ve been haunted by the thought that both Hart of Dixie and Nikita have a 50/50 renewal chance due to unimpressive ratings.  Unimpressive doesn’t really mean a bad rating, actually both shows rate fairly good, just really not impressive enough to automatically assure them a slot on Fall TV. But yeah, I’m really glad CW renewed Nikita (now on its third season) and Hart of Dixie (second season). Now, more shows to look forward to this coming Fall aside from The Vampire Diaries.

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