Waiting Sucks: True Blood Season 5 Teasers

Obviously, I’m a fan of  HBO’s True Blood series and maybe by now you can guess that I watch hella lot of vampire/werewolf/fairies themed series. And oh, I read them too.  Heehee.  Anyway, HBO had already released several teasers for the upcoming season and with those we can already guess that Russell Edgington is back and it is creating quite a stir to some of  Bon Temps’ folks. And by that I mean Sookie and her band of supernatural boyfriends, flings or whatever you call it (Bill, Eric & Alcide… oh let’s not forget Quinn. I have a feeling he’ll make an appearance this season). Now this is quite a dilemma. I mean who would want to deal with the  batshit crazy vampire, Russell Edgington? If he’s been crazy mad before, imagine how wrathful he has become after he spent his waking days… err… night in slow torture, buried alive without even an ounce of  blood to drink. Tsk. Surely, all hell will break loose in the True Blood universe.

Now as we wait for True Blood’s first episode of the season which is set to premiere on June 10, let’s be contented with these teasers for now.

Sookie, Alcide and LaFayette

Eric and Pam

Terry and Patrick

Sam and Luna

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