Movie Night: Immortals

I love mythology. Whether it’s Greek, it’s Roman or it’s Egyptian, I really find it interesting. I’m easily engrossed  by the world of the gods and goddesses, of demigods and of pharaohs and magicians. And it’s really amazing how each culture may seem different but when you look at it closely you’ll see how connected and similar these cultures really are… So yeah before I completely lose my train of thought, if you haven’t seen the movie Immortals yet, stop reading now because I’ll surely spoil the movie to you.

Okay now, my thoughts on the movie? (I want to make this post as short as possible so I’m going to do this in bullets)

  • The movie did not suck but it wasn’t as epic as 300 and so I was disappointed.
  • Almost all the good stuff were shown on the trailer.
  • In true 300 fashion, you’ll also see half-naked men with almost perfectly chiseled abs. Not as many as 300 Spartans though but still you’ll get your fix.
  • Changed my mind about Theseus… err… I mean Henry Cavill. Now I think he’s perfect to become the new face of Superman! And in the most part of the movie, his gorgeous eyes bothered me a lot. Kept racking my brain trying to remember what other movie did I see those piercing gray eyes (woah! piercing gray eyes? now where did I get that? looks like it came from some erotic romance novels). Then it hit me. He was Edmond Dantes’ son in the movie The Count of Monte Cristo! He’s Albert Mondego! Hahaha. Okay. Sorry for overreacting. It’s just that I love that movie and the realization came to me like a eureka moment. =P
  • Percy Jackson Theseus killed the Minotaur. Not in the Labyrinth though but in some temple. =P
  • Theseus’ men were a bunch of cowards and so he resorted to some cheesy pep talk. Lol. Sorry for the harsh comment. Well I guess it’s just natural for his men to be afraid. I mean, they’re about to face death. So yeah…
  • The oracle, Freida Pinto, is the girl from the movie Slumdog Millionaire, right? Well I haven’t seen that movie yet. Heehee. Anyway, yeah she’s the oracle and it was Theseus who freed her from her curse (the gift of sight). =P
  • It was refreshing to see Joseph Morgan as the fragile and vulnerable and coward and traitor Lysander. Way different from the invincible vampire Klaus I see in TVD.
  • Hyperion is brutal and… gross… ;))
  • Poseidon shakes my world! Err… I mean Kellan Lutz. He’s the earth-shaker.  Err no… Poseidon is the Earth-Shaker. And Kellan Lutz is my world-shaker.  LOLWHUT? =))
  • Love the bloodbath between the Olympian gods and goddess *heh* and the mighty titans. Love the visuals. Epic battle scene.
  • There are twelve Olympian gods/goddesses right? Not six. And the gods die? They’re suppose to be immortals, aren’t they? They get injured, they bleed but they don’t die. And their blood, it is supposed to be golden (ichor), isn’t it?
  • Poor mortals they got buried alive in Mount Tartarus. Lucky Theseus he made it alive and found his place with the gods.
Overall, I think the movie was okay. But I should’ve just saved my money and waited for the DVD instead.

Trailer 2

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