The Jolina Magdangal and Mark Escueta Wedding Videos

I pretty much grew up seeing Jolina Magdangal on TV and hearing Rivermaya’s music (Mark Escueta’s band) in the radio. But I’m neither a  fan of Jolina nor Mark. I like them but I’m not crazy about them. Though I have to admit that when I was younger, I did succumb to Jolina’s quirky fashion craze. I remember dyeing my hair streaks of blue and owning several butterfly trinkets and accessories. Lol. Yes. Outlandish I know. But that’s what in then.

Anyway, so after being in a relationship for I think two years Mark and Jolina got married last November 19 and 21 (yes not only once but twice =D They must’ve really love each other!). Many were surprised because it has been kept from the public. But the couple made it up to everybody by having a special feature of their wedding on TV. I wasn’t able to see it though. I don’t think they’ve shown it on GMA Pinoy TV yet. But I was able to find their wedding AVP’s and you can watch them below. So yeah, enjoy and watch 🙂

The Prenup/Proposal Video by Bob Nicolas


The Wedding Video by Bob Nicolas


The Scrapbook Invites by printsonalites (same company who did Ryan and Judy Ann’s tsinelas invites =D)

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