How to Love Cover by Sam Tsui

Yet another cover of Lil Wayne’s How to Love song and this time  it’s by one of  my favorite Youtube singing sensation, Sam Tsui. 🙂 First time I’ve seen him on Youtube, I was amazed. I was searching on Glee’s Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson’s cover of  Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing when I encountered Sam Tsui’s cover of  the said song. What is song amazing with his cover is that he did the vocals all by himself and had superimposed 5 Sam Tsuis on his Youtube video. But of course  that was made possible by his equally talented partner who mostly does the video editing and arrangement of his covers, Kurt Shneider. Together, these guys really do some amazing stuff  and their videos are definitely worth the watch.

Here’s Sam Tsui’s cover of How to Love by Lil Wayne.

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