First Look at the New Man of Steel

Okay so Warner Bros. had released the official first look of Henry Cavill as  the new Superman. Now what? Lol. I’m really not excited about the reboot because I’m really not a fan of Superman. Heehee. Though he’s probably the first superhero I’ve known ‘coz I believe he’s the most popular.

Anyway, I did watch some of the old Christopher Reeve Superman movies plus that of  Brandon Routh.  But yeah, that just it. Never really gotten to a point of becoming true Superman geek or something. But I did a little fangirling on Tom Welling at Smallville though. I dunno, maybe because it caters more to the demographic where I belong? Lolwhut? I probably would be more excited if they cast Tom Welling instead. And that would’ve been a perfect supplement to Smallville. Hmmm… Okay just a wishful thinking of a  Tom Welling fangirl here. No violent reaction please. :p

Anyway, here’s Henry Cavill on his Superman costume. 🙂

Henry Cavill, Superman, Man of Steel, Costume, Blue and Red

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