Baby Shower

So yesterday, me and my sister went to my high school friend’s baby shower and to my shame, we were the very last guests to arrive. Hahaha. In fact, all the other guests were already leaving by the time we reach the venue. So I was like saying to those guests I saw on my way in “Oh I was just dropping off my gift!” and on their eyes you see like “WTH? Do you know what time it is? The party’s over!” Lol. Okay Shame on me I know. But I’m really having problems with my sleeping habit. I slept like 5-6 in the morning already so I woke up super late (Excuses! :p) and I also didn’t expect will be caught up in a heavy traffic. Well I know, that it’s always traffic in the I-5 area but I didn’t expect it to be that jammed like it was that day plus I honestly didn’t know that the 91 East traffic is just as worst. It was our first time in that part of SoCal we don’t know much of the traffic situation there. We know no other route and we only have our Magellan GPS to guide us to our destination. And as always, expect Maggie (as what we fondly call our GPS since the voice is a SHE and no we can’t like change the voice of our GPS to that of Yoda’s :p) to always give you the easiest route but never the quickest way. Heehee.

Me and my very much preggers friend. We've been friends since High School

Anyway, at least I made it still to my friend’s baby shower even though I’m late. And I’m able to catch up with her even just for a while. It’s been what? Two years? Since the last time I saw here and she wasn’t even married then and look at her now, she’s already having her first child! Whew. Time ticks really fast. Most of my friends are married now and they already have a one or two “mini-me’s” and me I’m forever alone. Lulz. Okay, I’m trying not to be bitter about that but sometimes it gets to me and I’m like not getting any younger anymore and… sigh… timing is everything. Shouldn’t be worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. Tomorrow’s not even guaranteed so I might as well enjoy and live life one day at a time. 🙂

Writing a message for Baby Emma =)

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