The New Girl

I love Zoey Deshchanel! Ah yes, I love Summer and her lovely summer dresses on 500 Days of Summer? Though of course, my heart goes to Tom Hansen, I’m just really glad he sorta found his Autumn in the end. Anyway, so back to Zoey Deshchanel, I’ve been fangirling on her since I first saw her in the movie Elf.  Though I think the blonde hair doesn’t really suits her. But yeah, I really like that scene where she’s in the shower room or something and she starts singing Baby It’s Cold Outside then Buddy heard her then he kinda joined her… well joined her in singing of course! Heehee.

Anyway, I’m really excited that she’s kinda going mainstream now. Her new series “The New Girl” had been picked by FOX and is set to have it’s pilot come Fall. I think it’ll be aired every Tuesday night. Prolly before Glee? If that’s the case then my Tuesday night will be jam-packed with pure awesomeness!

The New Girl is about an Elementary School  Teacher who has been very unlucky with love. When she’d broken up with his boyfriend and left him, she decided to move in with three guy housemates — who sorta help her deal with her post-breakup depression and there begins their quirky but wonderful kind of friendship. Watch trailer below.

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