Laarni Losala is PDA’s 2nd Grand Star Dreamer

After 13 weeks of rigorous voice training and nerve-racking gala nights, 22 year-old Laarni Losala of Sultan Kudarat was proclaimed Grand Star Dreamer of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2.

Laarni Losala or now Laarni Lozada, took the highest number of text votes adding up to 651,696 or 35.21% of the total text votes. It’s certainly Laarni Lozada’s night, as she is now a million pesos richer plus she brings home a Suzuki Swift car, Crystal Clear franchise and a condominium unit at GA Towers along EDSA courtesy of Pinoy Dream Academy’s sponsors.

Meanwhile, 18-year old Bugoy Bogayan of Camarines Sur, who by the way is now called Bugoy Drilon, was hailed Pinoy Dream Academy’s 2nd Star Dreamer. Bugoy Drilon garnered 549,760 or 29.70% of the total text votes.

Completing the rankings of the scholars is as follows; Pinoy Dream Academy’s 3rd Star Dreamer is 18-year old Miguel Mendoza of Muntinlupa who took 253,412 or 13.69% of the total text votes. PDA’s 4th Star Dreamer is 23-year old Liezel Garcia of Puerto Galera who garnered 247,346 or 13.36% of the total votes. PDA’s 5th and 6th Star Scholars are 18 year-old Van Roxas of Cebu and 21 year-old Cris Pastor of Parañaque. Fifth winner Van Roxas garnered 112,065 or 6.06% ot the total text votes while 6th winner Cris Pastor garnered 36,487 or 1.97% of the total text votes.

Congratulations to all Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Top 6 Scholars. Despite the rankings, I believe they truly are all winners. =)

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