Unlikely Couple: Emma Watson and Johnny Borrell

Emma Watson hanging out with Kirsten Dunst’s ex-beau and Razorlight’s front man Johnny Borrell??? Could they be possibly dating??? But why Hermione? Why? I mean, he’s 10 years your senior (She’s 17 and He’s 27). You should hang out with people your age. Sigh. And what would your BFFs, Harry and Ron, would say about this? Lol. Okay. Pardon the silliness. Just got carried away. Anyways, that’s what bugging the world or at least entertainment world lately.

Emma and Johnny were seen together at the Burberry & Vanity Fair show in London and people say that they’re getting along pretty well. But I think it’s too early to say that there’s really a something going on between them. I guess, what we should do for now is to wait and see how far this unlikely pairing would go.

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