Heath Ledger dies at age 28

Heath Ledger found deadTwenty-eight years old, Australian-born actor Heath Ledger was found dead Tuesday afternoon from his Manhattan loft. A NYPD spokeperson said, the actor had a schedule for a massage and when the housekeeper is about to inform him the masseuse had arrived, the housekeeper found him dead.

Reportedly, Ledger’s caused of death was due to a drug overdose.

Heath Ledger’s filmography includes The Knight’s Tale, The Patriot, Monster’s Ball and 10 Things I Hate About You where he co-starred with Julia Stiles. But what gave Heath Ledger his first Oscar Nomination for a highly-acclaimed performance in a movie was from the film “Brokeback Mountain” where he met ex-partner Michelle Williams whom he had a daughter named Mathilda.

This year, Heath Ledger was to appear in Christian Bale‘s upcoming movie “The Dark Night” where he play the role of Joker.


This was indeed a shocker. And knowing what caused his death is just upsetting. I mean, another life gone wasted. Sigh.

Prayers to his family and may his soul rest in peace.

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