Winners of Amazing Race 12

Dating couple Rachel and TK won the twelfth season of the Amazing Race while the Father/Daughter tandem of Ronald and Christina and the Grandson/Grandfather team of Nicolas and Donald came in second and third, respectively.

It was a tight race between the dating couple and the father/daughter team. Ronald and Christina had a good start. They were always the first team to get the first clue. And had it not been Rachel got the last road block first, Ronald and Christina would have been the winners of the famous race around the world.

TK and Rachel Winners of Amazing Race 12

As for Nicolas and Donald, well I think, they too, did a good job though they came in last, considering that they have to return back to where their first clue and be able to catch up with Rachel and TK (they have to come back because they forgot to bring the plastic bag that contains materials that was needed to complete the detour task). And having Donald as the oldest person to ever reach the final leg of the Amazing Race, that only proves that anyone, regardless of age, can pretty much take the grueling task of racing around the world.

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