Is MariMar losing its winning streak?

No, not in the TV ratings game (since in the survey conducted by AGB Nielsen, MariMar still got the no. 1 spot), but in the hearts of many Filipinos who had been watching the show religiously. I mean, have you seen the episodes of MariMar lately? Don’t you find the whole rivals-turned-sisters plot absolutely irrelevant?

Marian Rivera as MariMar
Lots of appalled viewers been complaining about how the said twist is making MariMar too tiring to watch since the said drama’s plot is just going into circles. Even I can’t certainly hide my dismay to the direction the story is leaning and I don’t mind skipping a few more episodes of MariMar. I mean, what’s the point? I can already tell what will happen next — Angelika and MariMar were rivals then sisters then rivals again then everything goes back to where it started. You see my point? Everything is going round and round and round…Oh well, it’s pretty evident that the management of the said show wants more money that’s why they keep on extending their production even if the entire show is completely going nowhere.

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