Who is your Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 Big Winner?

I want Riza Santos to win. Though a lot of people prefer Ruben because “he needs the prize more than any of the big four”, I still believe Riza is the deserving contender to be hailed this season’s big winner. I just think she is the most sincere and real housemate among her batch.

As for Mariel Rodriguez being threatened to be booed by Riza’s fans, I think she deserves it somehow. She curses a lot and she’s on television for heaven’s sake! She could’ve been more sensitive. Cursing on national television is already “not cool”. What more is having the whole world hear you curse someone? Mariel had been mean. Badmouthing Riza who haven’t done anything wrong? Well, we can’t blame Riza’s supporters if they cry foul.

I guess, Boy Abunda made a big mistake from allowing his talent, Mariel Rodriguez, from entering the Big Brother house. The whole thing just gained Mariel a lot of haters and that I think, is a serious blow in her career.

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