One More Chance

I seldom watch Filipino movies. I don’t know. Probably because of the cheesy dialogs and poorly constructed storyline. But I’m certainly digging this one. Well, aside from John Lloyd’s superb-acting-that-never-fails-to-break-my-heart-whenever-he-starts-crying, but for once the movie title wasn’t named after a song plus the story was kinda new. Definitely not the typical Hollywood or Korean love story that I’ve seen. And I believe, this movie totally deviates to what has been the trend in the local movie scene — a movie inspired, if not ripped off, to some foreign movies.

That is just so refreshing, I mean at least there’s something new to watch out for. What saddens me though is the fact that I’m hundred of miles away from my homeland and I don’t know when will I ever have the chance to see this film.

Starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. One More Chance is a movie by Star Cinema and it’s now showing in local cinemas.

See Movie Trailer below the cut. Video by paolo1434gm.

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