So yeah, I was watching ASAP and there’s this one segment where they introduced a new group called which consist of Alwyn Uytingco, Joseph Bitangcol, Polo Ravales and 2 others I forgot the names.

By the way, is Polo moving too? I mean what is he doing with a group in which most members are identified with ABS-CBN. Hmm… Looks like lots of Kapuso stars are now transferring to their number 1 rival network eh?

Well then, as I was saying, is a new all boys sing and dance group ASAP launched. And since their name is in a form of a domain URL, I got the idea that its the group’s website address too. So I initially pointed my web browser to to check if its already online. And turned out the site does exists only that the said web address refers to a different “group of  boys“.

In the World Wide Web, is actually a porn site, a gay porn site for that matter. *heh* I was like, lucky site, they’re getting a free advertisement on Philippine Television. Lol. And looks like somebody haven’t done his research and carelessly chose a name that, I reckon, is something that connotes a negative idea. So I guess there should be some sort of a disclaimer or something to prevent misleading association of these guys with the ASAP

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