So last week, I’ve been lazy…

Well to be honest, I’ve been quite lazy lately. Not just last week, even the weeks before last week. And this laziness is crippling my existence! Goodbye social life! Not that I actually have one. Truth is, my social life is non-existent! So yeah, whatever… Hahaha!

So how did I spend my lazy days? Of course I didn’t do anything productive. Lol. I could not even get myself into reading again! My Kindle’s just dusting somewhere, several books on queue.  My reading mojo is definitely dead right now. Obviously, laziness killed it.  And I just spent my entire summer bumming around my room, lying down on my bed, watching whatever tickled my fancy. So yeah, pretty much made myself an epitome of couch potatoes and watched all the movies and drama series I could non-stop. And I know this is something I should not be proud of, but I’ve already watched 28 Korean Dramas to date. Hahaha. But let’s save that on some other posts, given that I’ll get over this lazy spell, then I might actually write a decent post on my Korean Drama addiction. Right now though, I’m simply on lazy mode. So I’m just going to end this senseless post right here because that’s how it’s done teh lazy style. Hahaha!

Lazy Mode

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