Movie Night: Bourne Legacy

I watched Bourne Legacy last night and I still can’t decide if I liked it or not. Ah yes, the decisions I have to make in life give me a headache sometimes. Heehee.

Anyway, I think the movie was okay but i wasn’t that great. It was actually boring on the first half. Too much back story and the movie is literally all over the place. One scene it’s in Alaska then another scene in Seoul then another scene in Pakistan then in Virginia then in New York… you get the picture. It got a little confusing at some point because of the many unnecessary little back stories the director tried to crunch in just to establish the connection between  Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross. I mean it wasn’t that even hard to understand that Treadstone is blown off thanks to Jason Bourne and many high-ranking government officials are shaken so they want the whole program shutdown. To do that they need to do a clean up and that means killing everyone involved in the program most especially the agents. And Aaron Cross is one agent who survived the purged and from there his story begins.

That part of the story could’ve been summed up in a more short and concise way and the moviegoers would still understand the story instead too many little details were scattered everywhere that made the movie somewhat confusing even though the intention is to provide a good back story so that even the people who didn’t follow the franchise or even those who had seen the trilogy but had already forgotten the story since it’s been years since the last Bourne film would catch up without even watching the first Bourne films. Lol. Okay. I’m blabbing again. Just that I loved the trilogy and so I kinda have some expectations in this spin-off which sadly weren’t met.

Anyway, so the story picked up when Aaron and Doc Marta reached Manila. The action part starts there and it was okay. Actually, it’s nice to see the streets of Manila, made me a little homesick and nostalgic. Lol. So yeah, all the running and the chasing were one hell of a heart-pumping and andrenaline-inducing ride (lolwhut?). Aaron Cross had demonstrated some great deal of badassery and lethal skills.  And Doc Marta wasn’t that bad either. I mean she had some killer kicks if you know what I mean. *wink wink* I really love the motor chase btw. It was heart-racing and scary. Aaron Cross really have some serious death-defying maneuvering skills. Heehee. And try to imagine you are the back ride passenger, how do you think you’ll feel? Scary! Really scary!

And just when I’m actually starting to feel the excitement and just when I thought Aaron and Doc Marta were getting ready for another heart-racing chase in a beautiful island, the movie suddenly ends.

You know the feeling you get when you’re left hanging because something ends abruptly? It sucks! Boo! How I wished mister director put less emphasis on the back story and more on the action scenes. Nakakabitin lang! x_x

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