Movie Night: Snow White and the Huntsman

Last week, my brother and I watched Snow White and the Huntsman. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t that great either. I don’t know what to say about Kristen Stewart’s acting really. It’s like watching Bella from Twilight all over again. Very much so that part where she was dying because of the poisonous apple she bit. That act was I think very reminiscent of that scene in Twilight when James bit him and his poisonous venom started burning Bella’s veins or bloodstream whatever. Then again those two scenes were fairly similar so I guess I could say that, Kristen was just rather being consistent. Teehee. But with Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen Ravenna, I’m hands down! She’s undeniably very pretty and boy she was awesome acting-wise! She undoubtedly owned the role! And I love her Revenna wardrobe too! So if there’s one thing I really liked in the movie it’s the Evil Queen. Charlize Theron was just perfect for the role. With Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman and Sam Claflin as William, I think they both did just fine. I just find it really hard to understand whatever Chris Hemsworth was saying because he spoke in a low guttural voice that made it sound like his chewing his words. Nonetheless, he’s okay. :p

All in all, I liked this dark version of Snow White. It was completely a different story compare to the fairy tale. And like I said, it wasn’t bad even though it wasn’t great. It’s a nice mediocre film that was good enough to keep me entertained till its end.

snow white, huntsman, william, queen ravenna, evil witch, charlize theron

Lips red as blood… Hair black as night… Bring me your heart my dear dear Snow White.

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