Movie Night: Men In Black 3

So we spent the long weekend in Vegas. And since I’m not into clubbing and don’t have the money to feed on slot machines, I spent my first night in Vegas in a theater and watched Men In Black 3 with my siblings.  But before you judge me or say whatever,  on my second night in there, I did some midnight walk on the Las Vegas strip while sipping on my 32oz pina colada daiquiri drink. Now that’s fun, right? No? Lol. Okay.  I know I’m rather being defensive and I admit that my idea of fun is rather lame! There I said it. Now, shoot me those whatever look like I’m some weird gal living under a rock because I went to Vegas just to watch a movie. Lol.

Anyway, so the movie, Men in Black 3, it was fun. I never thought I’d enjoyed it. But I did. Even though I fell asleep at the beginning of the movie. Not the movie’s fault. I only had 4 hours of sleep in two days that weekend so sleep had caught up with me. I woke up when on the part where Boris the Animal had escaped (that thing in his palm is really scary!),  Agent K was missing and Agent J’s already trying to figure a way on how he can break the time and space continuum and go back to the time he needs to undo, alter or whatever to save Agent K. And so there the adventure begins.

To sum up the movie, the story starts in the present, Agent K is dead and the world is in peril because of some alteration Boris the Animal did in the past. And so in order to save the world and save Agent K, Agent J went back to the past and looked for his partner. When Agent J found Agent K and explained his bizarre dilemma, together they chased after the past and present Boris the Animal. They fought. Bad side winning. Hopeless situation for Agent K and Agent J. The future world is doomed. Then suddenly, some surprised help came in. Agent K and Agent J gets another shot at saving the world and the future. The past and the present Boris the Animal were defeated. Then some surprising twist – more of a revelation actually which wasn’t really bad (That was one of the most touching scene of the movie I think). Agent K was saved. Agent J returned to the present. The world was saved. All is well. The End.  Blah blah blah. This is really getting rather long and boring and I don’t even know how to conclude this. So I’m just ending this post here. But yeah, the movie was fun. Great watch. Will Smith is funny as always. So yeah that’s it! Bye! :))


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