Movie Night: 21 Jump Street

This movie is trash! It’s full of nonsense crap! And I’m sorry for saying that! I don’t  mean to be mean! (oh nice! wordplay whatever! heehee) Really! And I just couldn’t find any better way to describe it. But on second thought,  the movie is sooooooooo freakin’ hilarious!!! Really a laugh trip! So yeah, I loved it nonetheless! 🙂

The movie is about Schmidt and Jenko and their bromance and their misadventures as city park cops. Lol. Okay. Not really that. They’re actually cops and they’re best friends. Their mission is to bring down a synthetic drug syndicate pestering local high schools. So basically, to solve the drug syndicate case, they were sent back to high school posing as high-schoolers  to catch the drug dealer. And that’s where hilarity ensued.

And I just have to say this, for me the best part of the movie was Johnny-freakin-Depp!!! Don’t ask why. Just go see the 21 Jump Street. :p

21 jump street, jonah hill, channing tatum

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