Waiting Sucks: Vampyr!

Finally, we now have a first-look of “The  Vampire Authority” (Kinda like Twilight’s Volturi and The Vampire Diaries’ Originals) Nan Flanagan was constantly referring to from the past seasons of True Blood.  For some time, I thought Nan was just making them up just so she can manipulate and boss around the vampire community. Wrong thought, obviously. Lol.  “The Authority” do exist and now they’re making their presence known for some reason we are yet to find out (Sookie? Because of her telephatic ability and fairy blood? Eric? Fangtasia? A Marriage bond?). But whatever that is it’ll surely complicate the lives of Sookie, Eric, Bill and the rest of the gang even more now that Russell Edgington is not the only problem they have to deal with.

Here’s a sneak peak of  True Blood’s The Authority.

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