Movie Night: The Lucky One

Okay now, this isn’t a movie review. This is just me saying my thoughts on the movie out loud. Oh wait, scratch that. =P Rather, this is me typing my rants on the movie The Lucky One out loud. Heehee.

But before that, if you haven’t seen the movie yet and/or you’re planning to read the book, please stop reading from here because I’m definitely going to spoil the movie and book for you. 😉

The Lucky One, Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling, Nicholas Spark

You’ve been warned. =P

Keith Clayton will die saving his son Ben. Ben was saved. And Logan and Beth will have their happily ever after. Hahaha.


The Lucky One is a big disappointment and I regret reading the book first because it definitely ruined the movie for me. It ruined the film because I’ve expected too much. Of course, I know that I should not compare the book with the movie adaptation, but that’s the thing with reading the book prior to watching it, it’s inevitable not to compare. And as always, the book is way better.

Oh well.

In all fairness though, The Lucky One isn’t a bad movie. It wasn’t as compelling as A Walk to Remember. But it was better than The Vow in my opinion. It just really didn’t measure up with my expectations.

But thank goodness, Zac Efron is such an eyecandy and that what had kept me from walking out the theater and sulk on one corner thinking on how I could’ve spent my $11.50 on more worthwhile things and don’t mention the ridiculous amount I paid for the soda and popcorn. Lol. Sorry, I’m blabbing. Hahaha. But yeah, I wasn’t crazy of Zac Efron as Troy in HSM but as Logan Thibault he is definitely a handsome treat especially when shirtless! Hahaha. Well, he’s the actually reason why I wanted to watch the movie in the first place and The Lucky One being a Nicholas Sparks film only comes second. :p Acting-wise, I think he’s not that bad contrary to what other people are saying. Yes, his acting seemed a little less intense but isn’t that what the role is asking? I mean, Logan is a marine after all. So he should be tough and less emotional, right?

As for Taylor Schilling, she wasn’t bad herself. She’s definitely pretty in shorts. Book Keith Clayton won’t be disappointed. Book Keith will certainly approve of movie Beth. Heehee. I didn’t see such much of a chemistry between Zac and Taylor though, so that’s kind of a let down.

Jay R. Ferguson, I think he did well too. I mean he’s been effective with his portrayal of Keith Clayton because I was having the urge to kick him each time he was being an a*s to pretty boy Thigh-bolt and teacher Beth. Book Keith was way much of an a*s though than movie Keith because movie Keith was kinder to Ben than book Keith.

Blythe Danner as Nana was right on. Just the way I imagined it. I just wished that there had been more showcase of Nana’s quirky way with words. :p

Lastly, Riley Thomas Stewart as Ben was okay too. He’s really adorable. Though I see little resemblance between book Ben and movie Ben in personality and even the looks.

Overall, the movie was okay despite the many cliches and predictable the plot. And probably it’s even more than okay if you haven’t read the book yet. Just don’t expect much. Because it’s really just a simple romance movie.

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