The Devil Inside

Who wants to see some scary shit stuff? This movie will surely make you cringe like crazy as there were lots of mind-boggling bone breaking action. Lolwhut?  I guess, my mind’s not functioning well right now due to some disturbing scenes I just saw and which my brain is trying to process with difficulty. Hahaha. Sorry if I’m being gibberish or something.

So what is this movie all about? It’s about a daughter in search of her mother who is locked to some hospital in Italy. Her mother, who murdered 3 people 20 years ago, was believed being possessed by not only one but four evil spirits.

Anyway, the first time I saw the trailer for The Devil Inside was when we watched Paranormal Activity 3 on theaters back in November. It sure caught my interest then just as much it captured attention of all the other audience because at the end of its theatrical theater everyone applauded wildly.

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