The Rich and Kyla Wedding Video

Yet another wedding video. And this time it features Talk N’ Text forward player Rich Alvarez and Philippine’s RnB princess Kyla. The couple tied the knot last November 28 at Santuario de San Antonio in Makati City.

Rich and Kyla’s wedding concept was vintage glam and color motif was blush. Kyla’s wedding gown was created by her couturier friend Cocoy Lizaso.

Kyla’s hit single “Beautiful Days” was used in the wedding video. The said song was written by the RnB princess herself. And when asked if she wrote the song specifically for her wedding, Kyla answered no but she definitely did think about getting married when she wrote it.

Watch Rich and Kyla’s wedding video below.

Rich and Kyla SDE from niceprint photo on Vimeo.

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