Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher, well that’s Elizabeth Halsey — a foul-mouthed, naughty and nasty junior high teacher whose dream of becoming a rich man’s wife crumbled when his no-good Oprah-obsessed fiance dumped her. Boyfriend-less and penniless, Elizabeth was left with no choice but to go back to the teaching job she dreads. Fortunately, as if the heavens saw her woes, she meets the new teacher Scott Delacorte — he’s handsome, he’s rich,  definitely her type. Now she’s up on her tricks to get him. But how can she get him notice her? Well, Elizabeth have it all sort out. All she needs is a boob job. Pretty easy huh? I don’t think so. Having no money to cover the operation plus a co-teacher who also eyes on her prospective husband, Elizabeth needs to step up her schemeerr... I mean she needs to step up her game. 🙂

I couldn’t agree more to whoever said that Justin Timberlake should just stick in creating more music rather than conquering the movie screen. ‘Nuff said. But as always, Cameron Diaz did a pretty amazing job. She’s funny and hot. Heehee. Love the car wash scene. 😉 Lucy Punch she’s okay as Amy Squirrel. I find Ms. Squirrel’s quirkiness a little scary though and I don’t know what to say with the funny faces. Lol.   Btw, what happened in 2000 something (was it 2008?) as referred by Principal Snur to Ms. Squirrel? That story line was thrown a couple of times I think but it wasn’t explained what really it was. Hmmm… maybe I just didn’t caught it? ( because I’m probably wasn’t paying attention) Oh well, nevertheless, Lucy Punch delivered as Amy Squirrel to rival Cameron Diaz’s Elizabeth Halsey. As for Jason Segel, I didn’t feel his character much. Probably the writers’ fault? Like they haven’t put much character into his role. Too bad, I know he’s a funny and witty actor and didn’t see much of that in this film.

Overall, the movie was just okay. It provided some laugh and that’s just it. Nothing spectacular.

Bad Teacher Movie Poster

Bad Teacher, Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Jason Segel, Lucy Punch

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