Rakenrol Trailer

Odie and Irene are best friends. Both have a penchant for music and so together they’ve decided to put up a band. The duo then recruited the other members of the group— Mo “The Guitarist”,  Junfour “The Drummer” and Matet “The Manager” and they called themselves the “Hapipaks”. Rakenrol tells the story of the Hapipaks and their misadventures as they enter the world of the local underground music scene.

Rakenrol is directed by Quark Henares and co-written by Diego Castillo.


I love Jason Abalos. He’s like my “All-time crush!”. Well, sort of.  Heehee. I mean I have many celebrity crushes! And I was just trying to mimic Irene with that “all-time crush” thing. But I do like Jason Abalos he’s like the Michael Cera of the Philippines (And this movie kinda reminds mo of Scott Pilgrim too! Prolly because of the band thing :p), though Jason’s kind of going mainstream now since he’s now quite visible on local TV scenes, but yeah he’s a good actor and I like really like it when he cries. Heehee. I like guys that cry. Makes me want to hug them… and comfort them.. and… hug them again. Lulz.

Anyway, I think Rakenrol is the closing film for Cinemalaya so better see it if you’re attending the festival. If not then, fret not ‘coz you’d still be able to catch the goodness that is Jason Abalos come August when they release the film on local theaters. For the mean time just enjoy the trailer below. 🙂

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