PI Ex-President Diagnosed with Colon Cancer

Philippines first female President Cory Aquino was diagnosed with colon cancer and this was announced by daughter Kris Aquino in an interview for TV Patrol World. According to Kris, it was their mom’s decision to let the public know her mom’s present condition to appeal for the people’s prayers.

When I was a kid, I really taught Ex-President Cory Aquino was my Tita because I often here my relatives refer to her as Tita Cory. Lol. Yeah I know. Silly me. But hey, kids are supposed to be silly right? Haha. Excuses. Anyway, the news of her sickness somehow saddens me (Though we’re really not related to her in anyway) Let’s all pray for her and her family that the Lord will give them the strength to help them battle this ordeal.

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