Regine Velasquez on lipatan issue

Regine Velasquez had said her piece regarding the “lipatan” issue from GMA 7 to ABS-CBN.

Regine explains her status on her interview in The Buzz last Sunday, that she has no impeding contract with GMA 7 and that the said network was well informed on all her appearances on it’s rival network. And though it’s true that the Asia’s Songbird already left her Sunday variety show (SOP) on GMA Networks, she denied the 25 million pesos contract deal with ABS-CBN.

Regine Velasquez on lipatan/transfer issue


Regine admitted to Boy Abunda that she always wanted to do the Philippine version of Betty La Fea (Ugly Betty) and when the Kapamilya Network offered her the said role (ABS-CBN bought the rights for Betty La Fea) she readily said yes. But no 25 million exclusive contract deal whatsoever had transpired between her and the Kapamilya Network.

Meanwhile, GMA Networks, also expressed their unwillingness to let her go. In fact when news of her alleged transfer came out in the open, executives of the said network quickly called a meeting with Regine to discuss whatever is need to discuss regarding her career.

But as of now, coming from Regine herself, nothing has been finalized yet. Whether she stays with GMA 7 or not, she can’t say still. But two things are for sure, Regine Velasquez is jobless right now and she wants the Betty La Fea role badly. *heh*

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